About us


Our Story
L’Autruche (African Ostrich farm) was founded in 2016 by Doctor El-Atrouche in Alexandria, Egypt. El-Atrouche started off by creating his own incubator, hatchers and fields to make an optimal environment for the Ostrich breeding process. Doctor El-Atrouche create his own well-balanced ration (Food) for Ostriches to ensure 100% organic and natural feed without any additions of steroids or hormones.
(African Ostrich Products)

As Egypt is targeting good health and well-being, L’Autruche is devoted to support this target through providing premium Ostrich meat that is healthy food, full of nourishment and nutrients, And become Egypt’s first commercial hub for African Ostrich breeding and their products. (View Shop)


Quality Controlled by Experts

Quality control is keenly handled with experts in all production stages to produce top quality products. Dr El-Atrouche is a veterinarian specialized in poultry with a diploma in Poultry Diseases, Alexandria University, that controls the whole quality process. Also Professional chefs assure the premium cuts & meat products.


Eco-friendly products

For the love of breeding and being environmentally friendly, Dr. El-Atrouche proceeded in starting L’Autruche farm to breed The African Ostrich as they emit significantly less methane than beef, pork & sheep.


More than just meat

L’Autruche expanded in 2022 through online platforms, offering a massive variety of products such Ostrich Premium meat cuts, other meat products, Cooking tips (View video), and in the process of expanding Ostrich healthy Oils, Leathers, Feathers & Decorative Eggs.