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first commercial hub for African Ostrich
breeding & their Products.

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Ostrich whole Fan fillet
Ostrich whole Fan Fillet
Healthy Ostrich Kebab meat ready to cook
Ostrich Kebab
The Healthiest Red Meat

Why Ostrich meat is the best than any other animal & poultry meat ?

Ostrich meat is the lowest in Calories, Fat & Cholesterol and highest in Zinc, Iron than any other meat and contains a lot of Myoglobin & Protein that turns red when exposed to oxygen, that’s what gives its DEEP RED color and its Premium flavor. Cooking tips (View video)

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L’Autruche Offer

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
2* 500 g Ostrich Kofta Pack
2* 500 g Ostrich Escalope pane
2* 500 g Stewpot Kebab Pack
2176 L.E. 1950 L.E.

How to Cook Ostrich products ?

Here’s some cooking tips to make it easier for you. Cooking tips (View video)

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I tried the tenderloin fillet, was better than expected. I pan seared it and came out medium. Brilliant 10/10. The Ostrich Kebab was very good too. Both cuts of meat were incredibly lean with a neutral flavour that is accepatable on its own or can absorb marination and spices
Omar Omar
When science meet Quality.
Very professional
Really enjoyed it.
Thanks Dr.Galal
Dr.Amr Shawaly
The tenderloin is amazing. Can’t wait to try the Kebab and you know I already love the Burger !
Yasmine Nazmy
Hi, Its amazing. I didn’t try the burger yet but the tenderloin is perfect, juicy and amazing. Thank you so much.
Nancy Habib
The Burger is amazing. Actually preparing my next order
Mohamed Hanafy
We followed your suggestion and air fried the burgers, actually it was really good, juicy yet not fatty ! Thanks
Mohamed Refaay
The Best Ostrich meat in town
Mohamed El Gabbas