1- Stewpot Kebab

Time 1.5 hour
Serves 2

-500g Stew Pot kebab
-2-3 medium potatoes cut into small cubes
-1/2 liter of water
-2 tbsp of olive oil
-2 large onions cut into small pieces
-1/2 tsp of cinnamon
-3 pieces of cardamom
-3 pieces of cloves
-3 piece of bay laurel papers
-salt and pepper to taste


-In a medium pot add one spoon of olive oil on high heat
-when pot is hot add Stew Pot kebab and stir
-When Kebab is lightly browned remove from pot and set aside
-add one spoon of olive oil and sauté onions
-when onions are translucent add kebab again
-add all spices and stir well
-add 1/2 liter of water and stir
-when water boils, set heat on medium-low and leave for 1 hour
-add potato cubes and stir
-turn off heat after 30 mins

Cooking tips (View video)

2- Escalope Pane

Serves 2
Time 10 minutes/piece

-4 tbsp of sunflower oil or coconut oil


-let the escalope pane rest from freezer before cooking for 5-10 minutes
-preheat air fryer at 200 degrees for 5 minutes while the escalope pane rests
-brush escalope pane with sunflower oil on both sides
-place escalope pane in air fryer and set it from 10-12 minutes at 200 degrees