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Best Source of Protein

Besides Ostrich meat having a low fat content and containing healthier poly-unsaturated fats, it is also higher in protein and the best source of protein than any other red meat. All athletes require a relatively higher level of protein intake in their diet, since protein helps build and repairs muscles. However, all the available meat options have a relatively high fat content in them so athletes are required to consume a low amount of them. Unlike Ostrich meat that has a low fat content, hence the portion of Ostrich meat will be much bigger, allowing for more protein intake.

The protein in Ostrich meat contains all the essential types of amino acids that help in muscle tissues. Amino acids are crucial to us since it helps in building and repairing muscles. Since Ostrich meat is high in protein it is important for athletes.

Ostrich meat contains around 28 grams in each 100g. While red meat contains 26 grams in each 100 grams of meat. Making it much higher in protein. As well as Ostrich meat contains 145 calories per 100g, while meat contains 170 calories per 100g. This confirms that Ostrich meat is the ideal choice for athletes’ high protein meal intake.

L’Autruche is the Best Source of Protein

L’Autruche has also made life much easier for athletes that work and are busy. We have provided them with premium meat cuts, Ostrich Kofta and Ostrich Burgers that are really fast in cooking. It takes around 10-15 minutes to cook any of our premium products.

L’Autruche products can come in very useful by creating many delicious food recipes. Salads, grilled, fried, air-fried and even baked plates, all full with high protein content. Besides our products is not only high in protein but also healthy. There are no added steroids to it so it is all 100% organic.

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best source of protein image
best source of protein

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