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L’Autruche Ostrich Meat is 100% Organic

Besides, ostrich meat being extraordinarily better than any other type of meat. Using its high content in protein, zinc and iron. While also low in fat, cholesterol and calories. It’s is also 100% organic. It is L’Autruche’s goal to provide 100% organic ostrich meat. This is maintained through a set of guidelines.

First, the ostriches living conditions must be suitable for their habitat. Ostriches’ optimal environment is living in deserts and dry grasslands. Additionally, this is maintained when the incubators and hatchers are set at their optimal temperature and dryness. This allows L’Autruche Ostrich meat to be 100% organic.

Secondly, their feed is crucial. The food ration that is eaten by the ostriches must meet their needs. Their diet must have the correct ration of salts, vitamins, minerals, legumes and grains.

Thirdly, no artificial feeds are added to the ostriches balanced diet. The quality of the feed is effectively controlled by experts to produce the optimal environment. This allows ostrich meat to become 100% organic.

Lastly, ostriches must be given the correct vaccinations. Just like humans, it is crucial for ostriches to take their vaccinations to maintain a healthy and supportive immune system.

Our Farm provides 100% Organic Ostrich Meat

L’Autruche has initiated since 2016 by Doctor Galal El Atrouche. El Atrouche has started off with creating incubators, hatchers and fields. Since everything was made from scratch, it was easy to obtain the optimal environment for the ostriches. The ration that is used for L’Autruche Ostrich breeding is effectively well balanced to meet their optimal balanced diet. This means that there are no hormones or steroids added to their balanced diet. Also, L’Autruche does not only take care of the living environment. But, the organization is regularly alert for all vaccinations to be taken by all ostriches in the farm. As well as, avoiding any diseases to enter the farm. Hence, L’Autruche Ostrich meat is 100% organic.

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