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Ostrich meat has High Zinc Content

In a healthy diet, elements such as protein, zinc, fats, potassium and many more are essential. Zinc is a very important element. This is because zinc helps in our immune system. Hence, heals any wounds and protects the sense of tasting and smelling. Ostrich meat has High Zinc Content

Besides, the immune system, zinc is essential in metabolism support. Metabolism is crucial for all of us. It helps in building the energy for us to move, breathe and even digest the food we eat. This is important not only for athletes, but also for all different types of lifestyles. Consuming a high zinc content make the process of losing fats much easier.

This means that, it is very easy to lose weight using Ostrich meat. Due to the high zinc content, the availability of more zinc molecules will help in higher metabolism.

Ostrich meat is high in zinc content as well. There is around 3mg of zinc in every 100 grams of Ostrich meat. Besides, ostrich meat is also very low in cholesterol causing it to be an ideal choice for a healthy lifestyle. There is around 145 calories per 100 grams of Ostrich meat. So, the zinc content provided is relatively high compared to the low calories making it extremely healthy.

L’Autruche meets the high zinc content required

L’Autruche is Egypt’s first commercial hub for Ostrich breeding and their products. It provides premium products that include the high zinc content. All products are 100% organic, with no added steroids. Also, no added hormones are included in the Ostriches diets making them healthier to eat. The environment in which the Ostriches are kept is stress free, making the meat very tender. L’Autruche serves easy, fast and healthy products ready for cooking. It takes around 10-15 minutes to cook any of the products.

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high zinc content in ostrich steak image
high zinc content in ostrich steak

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