Fat content in ostrich meat image

Fat content in ostrich meat

One aspect of how Ostrich meat is measured to be the healthiest red meat is measuring its fat content. Ostrich red meat is considered to have the lowest amount of fats across all other types of red meat.

According to the National Library of Medicine in the USA, Ostrich meat contains 1.95 % fatty acids in total. Unlike other meat, which contain around 7.3% of fatty acids.

Additionally, not only Ostrich meat contains less fats than normal meat, but Ostrich meat has poly-unsaturated fats. While, red meat has saturated fats. Poly-unsaturated fats is a kind of fat that does not build up in our blood vessels. While saturated fats build up in blood vessels causing inflammation and high cholesterol levels. Hence, the type of fats that is available in Ostrich meat can mitigate inflammation. This will avoid any heart arrhythmia. Arrhythmia is any inconstant patterns in heart rhythms.

Ostrich meat is considered to be the best choice for people suffering from heart problems, high cholesterol issues and diabetes. Suffering from those diseases require a very low level of fat content in their diet. Besides, Ostrich meat will also be the best choice for trying to lose weight. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is much easier when eating Ostrich meat.

L’Autruche is the Lowest Fat Content

L’Autruche provides the ideal premium products for suffering from high fat content in meat. This is by providing them with products such as the Ostrich burgers and Ostrich Kofta. These products are very hard to eat in normal meat due to the very high fat content. However, at L’Autruche, ideal products are provided. Containing poly-unsaturated fats with a very low fat content to meet the needs of a healthy diet. Besides, cholesterol in Ostrich meat might also be unavailable.

L’Autruche’s premium products are all 100% organic since there are no steroids added.

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Fat content in ostrich meat

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